Paradise Playlist

Like most teachers I know I really enjoy building a playlist for a class. Finding the perfect way to build on my flow, helping me time the rhythm of class and sometimes even geared toward my peak posture, all while not being too distracting or week after week playing the same twelve songs over and over (you know that teacher who loves that Odesza album). Sure, it can get exhausting, but hello creativity and finally a way to pull me out of the dark ages of my thirties, aka the years I've stopped finding new music on the regular (remember when you  were in high school and you said that was never going to happen...yah me too). 

I put together this Spotify playlist a few weeks ago for my birds of paradise class which I may one day share here. It moves quickly into building heat and movement but allows for some more calm beats while the focus of class is reaching for balance. One of my favorite songs on this playlist is actually my savasana song. I feel its important no matter how intense a class to give ample time for the final, dessert of practice posture. This song is a little over two minutes, is calming, and has no words to focus on.

What are some of your favorite songs or playlists to work out to? 

Also, fun feature from Spotify showed the new music you found over the new year, you remember those dark ages, this made me feel like I was out of them and into my golden years of discovery. ;)

this spotify feature showing me my unique music listens was really neat!