Spring flow

Spring is finally here and I couldn't be more ready for some warm weather, late sunsets and the promise of change. I'm in the first week of doing a 40 day journey with two of my girlfriends. In these 40 days we practice yoga daily (something that was pretty easy for me to do), we eat clean and according to what the body needs not just what it wants, and we meditate daily. This has been a hard thing for me to get into, but I'm slowly starting to appreciate it more. I'm a true vata/pitta in doshic speaking. I like to move, I'm airy and often a little flighty, I forget to eat, and sometimes have a hot temper (OK there is a lot more to me and the doshas but you get it). Meditation has been forcing me to consciously slow down and actually stop. It's been good to show myself what I am capable of and how reinvigorating it can make me feel. While meditating and focusing on taking things back to the basics I've been thinking about what spring is to me beyond the warm weather and the flowers blooming. Spring really is about allowing change and creating space. It's the opening and beginning for so many things, but also just another part to the cycle. It will come every year, although sometimes later, we can count on it to bring the change. Spring makes me want to twist. I want to rinse out my body, clear it of the crap and get ready to invite new sensations. This flow gets my core warmed and lets me feel that lovely detox from wringing out the spine and joints while keeping me focused on continuing to let my heart shine. 

Warm up > Sun A
Chair > Flow > Crescent > Crescent twist > Crescent > Flow
Forearm plank hold 15 > Side plank hold 30 > Forearm plank hold 15 > Side plank hold 30
Childs pose > Table Top intoCat/Cow > Down Dog
Chair > Chair Twist > Flow > Crescent > Step foot in Pyramid > Step to top > Do other side
Chair > Chair twist > Revolved Crescent > Crescent > Flow
Low lunge > add in quad stretch > Low lunge > add in twist > pop back leg up

Crescent > Flow > 3 legged dog > flip dog

Chair > Crescent > Warrior 3 > Crescent > open up 1 breath > Flow
Chair > Chair twist > Side Crow
Pashimo > Janu > Bridge > Wheel > Shoulder stand > Plow > Happy BBY > Savasana