Days of Design: Wedding Invites

I just realized that the only things I've ever really talked about on here have all been yoga which I guess makes me seem like I'm not really thinking or working on designs, which is hardly the case. Since leaving my corporate job I've been quite lucky to get to work on some really fun freelance projects, from some makeup packaging to getting to illustrate some elements for some ads. My favorite of my freelance projects have been getting to work with brides creating their invites, RSVP's and all the extra little printed details.

The last three brides I've designed for could not be more different and it was really fun working on all three of these projects at the same time. 

My first bride is Britty, she and her man are both artistic souls, living in NYC but hailing from the Bay area. They have an eclectic vibe, both down to earth but shake them up and you know you're in for a party. Their invites were something new for me, SUPER simple and just one sheet. How neat is that?! Since they are getting hitched on the other side of the country they've kept it simple for themselves making a great wedding website for their guests with all the details you'd normally have on an invite. We went with a satin finish paper so their invites had a little sheen, but let the design do the talking for them!

My next bride is actually soon to be my sister in law. When my brother proposed to Sarah we actually hadn't talked in several years. With the new addition to our family we reconnected and I offered to their invites. This was a challenging project for me, not only did I want them to be perfect for my client, but I felt extra invested and these were for family. After a bit of back and forth on flowers, we settled on garden roses and peonies for their spring wedding. These will be printed on an ivory paper to give it a classic feel. We kept the RSVP postcards nice and simple, plus I'm a huge fan of the postcard as RSVP trend. It's cheaper, easier and saves some paper! I am really pleased with how these invites turned out and I am especially excited for this spring wedding.

My final bride is actually one of my nearest and dearest friends from when I was in middle school. Bree and I have stayed in contact since we left 8th grade and went on to our public high school experiences and then off to college. Bree lives in the same town as my husband's family so when we go back to California we've been able to get together. Bree's invites have been some of the most involved that I've designed in the last year or so. I was also able to work with a local calligrapher for the custom cursive headers on each page. I am so thrilled with how these invites have turned out and was so excited to have had the opportunity to design for someone so dear to me.