Alright, here's the truth...I think I'm actually suffering from an injury. WAMP WAMP! Ok, not like a really big one (I don't think) but I'm like 90% sure it's there. I can feel it when I'm in Warrior 2 for too long on my left side, or if I come down into Extended Side Angle. Its not a super sharp pain, but I can definitely feel it, almost like maybe all my other muscles around my butt cheek are working way harder than they normally would. It sucks. It like really sucks. I like most other yogis love to mess around, take my postures and practice further but lately I find myself backing off. Opting out of the deeper binds or even skipping a peak posture all together. 

It's been really humbling for me. I have progressed rather quickly with my practice and this silly ouchy is really getting in the way of me moving forward...or is it? With having to slow myself down and actually listen to my body be like "yeah right girlfriend, maybe you used to do that but not today" has brought a whole new element and awareness into my practice. It's forced me to use my breath a LOT more. I'm that student next to you in class that's really using my full inhales to get into posture and I'm slowing down my exhales so that I don't rush myself through a posture and aggravate my hip. It's forced me to be aware of my side much more and now is asking me to practice what I preach- listening to your different sides and honoring them equally. Damn taking my own medicine can be a real kicker sometimes!

I'm seeing a few massage therapists in the next few weeks to see if I can get some answer about what's going on in my body, but until then. I'll just be over here breathing and reminding myself that each posture will come...on it's time line, not mine.