Socially Inclined

So I've been debating if I should write about it, if this is the correct platform for me to express all the stuff that's going on inside...and then I realized that's what it's here for. Since the election things have been crazy. I feel like sometimes I'm living in an episode of the Twilight Zone or maybe even Outer Limits (here's looking at you dad). People have gotten so mean and rude, they've stopped listening to reason or logic and have become so reliant on their emotions to make decisions for them. I don't need to go into the details of my own politics (you'll see where I stand soon enough...), but I feel like there have to be ways for the little folks like me to make ourselves heard, to stand up with the bigger cause even if we cannot be physically there or provide as much financial support as we wish we could.

Last week I taught on Saturday January 21st when the women's march in DC and many other state capitols happened. I was originally planning to join the march in Denver, but with class I was unable. To show my solidarity I created playlist features all bands that are all women or at least female fronted and had us do some gnarly core! Listen to the playlist here.

And here's the core section of my flow: