Toe Stand Flow

When I went through teacher training the flow that we learned included a vrksasana variation that included toe stand. I used to think folks that took the variation were nuts! How in the world would I ever balance on my little toes? Through 10 weeks of practice I finally started adding it to my own practice. Although I don't often take it in class these days, I thought it would be fun to teach class around it. 
I started with a 7-9 minute warm up including child's pose, some side stretches and light warming up of the core before a few rounds of Sun A. 
Utkatasana > Flow > Crescent lunge > Twist open > Crescent lunge > Warrior two > Reverse warrior > Flow
Eagle > Intense side stretch > Turn to right > Wide leg fold > Walk hands to the back > Flow Same side and then do the left
Crescent lunge > Humble x 3 >  Step feet together > Half lift > Come to squat, squeezing in knees with arms > Hands to heart > Squat twist > Side crow > Flow and move on to other side.
Hop to tadasana > Standing splits > Leg through > Skater pose > Janushirasana with twist > Baby wild thing > Janushirasana variation with leg up at hip > Roll back to Flow > Second side
Tree pose > Warrior three > Crescent > Warrior two > Reverse triangle > Flow
Tree pose > Intermediate > Toe stand > Tadasana > Other side.
For cool down I would do a little pigeon, some forward folds and some spinal twists.